Boat trip on the Grand Canal






Anyone planning on visiting Venice and discover the city in all its splendour will also be forced to travel on the water! This is not as strange as it seems: after all, it is a city with an urban system consisting of a myriad of navigable canals; and in the same way that the highway code is known, the maritime code of signals is almost as important here.

But have no fear! In this itinerary, you will not be required to hold the oars or be behind the wheel of a motorboat! The itinerary will take place on board a very comfortable boat, from which you can appreciate this splendid city through its reflection in the water, moved by the waves. Venice is a city built on the water and its uniqueness can only be fully appreciated if you look at it precisely from this point of view.

This also makes it easier to identify with the history of this territory, characterised by merchants arriving to sell their ware or other explorers who, looking at the world from that lagoon, ventured out and embarked on the most diverse voyages (just think about the great Marco Polo).

This tour includes a packed yet relaxing itinerary. In fact, moving down the Grand Canal of Venice, you will have the opportunity to travel along minor canals and closely observe a great deal of this city's splendid, magical architecture. The itinerary will carry us along in front of palaces, churches, bridges, gardens and storerooms (warehouses or shelters for foreigners), all made precious and magical by their images reflected in the lagoon. Departure is scheduled from Piazza San Marco, travelling along the Grand Canal and alongside the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, the Ca 'D'Oro, the Ponte dell'Accademia bridge and many other monuments.

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