Legends and ghosts of Venice






This tour offers you an opportunity to enjoy a different experience and gives you the chance to lose yourself in a timeless setting, imagining yourself involved in tales and secrets that had been concealed from the light of day for a long time. In fact, during this very unusual journey, stories and episodes of loves, passions, power struggles and lives of people marked by bloody destinies will be told. The atmosphere of a city visited in the moonlight, along with the fact that Venice is nothing more than an intricate maze of narrow streets, alleys and bridges, only magnifies this experience, giving it a unique style!

The places and works selected as part of this itinerary around mysterious Venice, in which these “illicit episodes” probably took place, are especially fundamental in this visit. Setting off from Campo San Bartolomeo and also passing through Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, we travel through two places that, in the past, were often frequented by conspirators, who met to organize plots, blackmail or misdeeds.

Another interesting landmark is the Casino of the spirits, which is famous for being populated by restless spirits, after being used as a centre where corpses were sorted out in the 16th century and after having been the site of a crime committed by five boys. Another factor of interest, which can always be seen while walking along the Fondamenta Nuove, is the island of San Michele, on which the cemetery is located, where burials were relegated (in this case, also of famous people) at the time of the Napoleonic edict, to avoid the spread of diseases and epidemics.

In short, it is a different Venice, a chilling one, that will treat anyone to unique sensations to remember and relive over time! 

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