Venice by gondola






Another possibility for those wishing to visit Venice is to do so by boat. In fact, to tell the truth, this should be the only solution, since Venice is a city on the sea, so anyone wishing to discover its true identity should definitely experience this unusual feature that has characterized Venice throughout its history.

And what means of transport should be used if not the slender and elegant vessel, typical of Venice's lagoon? As we all know, the gondola is a unique and fascinating boat and its features perfectly reflect its city of origin. Its components still have very unusual names, according to tradition, making them sound fairytale-like and enchanting. The place where gondolas first appeared, for example, still has a name with a mysterious charm: the "squèro" (slipway/boat-house).

Although the origin of this word is rather uncertain, there is one thing that we know for sure; in a Venice that emerged on a maze of islands and canals, the art of building boats was vital and the city very soon became dotted with "squèri". Naturally, in parallel to the art of building gondolas, the profession of gondolier also developed. This profession became a part of Venice's collective imagination, due to the elegance with which the gondolier manoeuvres the boat's single oar and his ability to give vitality to the smooth flow of his body. The gondolier has become a real stereotype.

These are men with a strong character, who sing the praises of a happy life, made of hearty meals, drinks and laughter.

In essence, this tour offers an evocative itinerary across the water through the Grand Canal and the canals of Venice, travelling on a gondola through the lagoon, enjoying a privileged experience that allows you to admire Venice from the water.

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